NOUH Heritage Lectures Series
Universities Week Program
" Mudbrick Architecture in Egypt "
under the title
15 September 2019

Organizers: The National Organization of Urban Harmony

National Organization of Urban Harmony, Cairo

A Seminar during

The National Organization for Urban Harmony organized an educational week within the program of the NOUH lectures series, in order to raise the architectural culture for university students and graduate students studying architecture, arts, urban planning, and heritage. At the invitation of the organization, Dr. Tarek Waly gave a lecture under the title "The Mudbrick Architecture in Egypt", during which he presented mud architecture through the Egyptian history spanning its successive periods, as well as the diversity of the mud architecture across the different Egyptian regions. During the lecture, Dr. Tarek Waly viewed the center's experience of restoring mud brick architecture in Egypt through a number of previous projects in El Tod in Luxor, and in the oases, the latest of which was the project to rehabilitate the Stopplaere's Rest-house and the rehabilitation of the Center of New Gourna Village in the West Bank of Luxor.