Theban Necropolis ..
The Eternity Gateway
A Seminar about the Issues of Heritage Preservation, the Cultural and Physical Continuity of architectural heritage
09 March 2016

Organizers: Tarek Waly Center in cooperation with the Supreme Council of Culture, Committee of Architecture

The Supreme Council of Culture, Cairo


In cooperation with the Architecture Committee of the Supreme Council of Culture, Tarek Waly Center Architecture and Heritage organized a seminar under the title “Theban Necropolis .. The Eternity Gateway .” The seminar on the problems of heritage protection, the challenges facing its preservation, and solutions that ensure its physical and cultural continuity, with a special presentation of the Center's efforts in this field, the Royal Tombs Replicas development project, and the Tutankhamun site museum at the entrance to the Valley of the Kings on the Western mainland. With the aim of shedding light on the importance of adopting scientific and modern technologies in the field of heritage preservation in Egypt. The show was followed by an open discussion with the audience on the theme of the evening.

The lecture's full script (in Arabic)