Dr. Tarek Waly
" Architects are the most capable in a society of expressing themselves, the society to which they belong, and the environment in which they live. They are always the first to break free from the present and look to the future, just like any other innovator in art or science. "
Founder & Chairman
Tarek Waly

Tarek Waly is an architect who began his career more than 40 years ago. He established Tarek Waly Center for Architecture and Heritage in Egypt to create a platform for recording his theoretical and practical perspectives on the profession. He aspires to improve the lives of individuals and societies through research, creation, and design. He believes that it is the architect’s responsibility to direct the changes that society encounters with regard to its culture and civilization.

For Waly, the architect possesses an eye that listens,

An ear that sees,

A heart that comprehends,

In addition, a mind that creates...

Awards and Certificates of Appreciation

  • 2021 … The Union of Arab Archaeologists Appreciation Award
  • 2019 … The Heritage Personality of the Year
  • 2017 … The Honorary Shield of Illizi province in Algeria
  • 1998 … The Honorary Shield of the Ministry of Housing, Municipalities and Environment in Bahrain
  • 1997 … The Organization of Islamic Capitals and Cities Award; Authorship, Writing or Translation Award
  • 1996 … Certificate of Scientific Excellence from Cairo University
  • 1992 … Certificate of Appreciation from the Ministry of Housing, Municipalities and Environment in Bahrain
  • 1990 … Certificate of Appreciation from Dar Al Quran Organization in Bahrain

Academic Research

  • 1995 … The Urban and the State through the Intellectual Perspective of Ibn Khaldun;  PhD dissertation in urban planning – Cairo University
  • 1987 … The Urban Identity in Bahrain;  scientific paper – Harvard University
  • 1986 … Visual Study of the Old City in the Eastern Rifaa, Bahrain;  scientific paper – Harvard University
  • 1982 … The Islamic Architecture in Egypt and its Relevance to the Contemporary Egyptian Architecture;  MSc thesis in architecture – Cairo University
  • 1979 … Mud Brick Architecture in Egypt, A Historic Review of El Bagawat Coptic Necropolis in Kharga Oasis;  scientific paper – Cairo University
  • 1979 … The form of House and its Application on the Desert Environment of Kharga Oasis;   scientific paper – Cairo University
  • 1978 … The Understanding of the Real Dimensions of Architecture through Application on the Religious Architecture of Islamic Egypt;   scientific paper – Cairo University