Shimaa Shaheen
Architect & researcher who believes in the role of the architect to create genuine cultural forms that connect authenticity & contemporaneity. She believes in the necessity of taking part in enriching the public awareness of contemporary Architecture and Urban issues specifically.

Shimaa Shaheen is an architect and researcher in Architecture, Heritage Conservation, and Site management. She is the Tarek Waly center Architecture and Heritage director, working mainly as a heritage conservation consultant for many governmental and private institutions. Through her work, Shaheen and her team pursue their course in raising awareness and shedding light on key issues regarding heritage in Egypt. For around 20 years, Shaheen participated in many projects in architectural design, urban planning, heritage conservation, and Heritage sites development and management. Shaheen has researched and written about architecture, Heritage, and urbanism in Egypt as well as on the problematic issues that face the development of Arab culture in general. She directed for five years The Tarek Waly center journal.

Associations, committees, and professional and scientific institutions

  • Director of Tarek Waly Center Architecture & Heritage
  • Researcher at Cultural Heritage Training and Education Center (Cult-HeEd), Helwan University
  • Member of American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE)
  • Member of Association of Critical Heritage Studies (ACHD)

Participation in Conferences, seminars, and workshops

  • 2021 … Heritage Impact Assessment, Training program, ICCROM and WHITRAP
  • 2021 … Reframing Cultural Heritage Education in Egypt, Workshop, Cult-HeEd, Helwan University.
  • 2020 …Symposium on Heritage in Palestine, online conference
  • 2019 … The Sources of Egyptian Urban History, Workshop, Institut Français d’Archéologie Orientale, Cairo
  • 2019 … Heritage forum II "Heritage, Investment and Sustainability", The National Organization for Urban Harmony, Cairo
  • 2019 … Earth architecture Expo in Kerma, Northern Sudan, Scientific conference, El Khartoum - Kerma, Sudan
  • 2018 … A pedagogical approach to sustainable architecture: historicizing and documenting the case of New Gourna, Workshop, Cairo Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Cairo
  • 2017 … Return of the Soul - New Melodies on Old Strings - Rehabilitation of Stopplare’s Rest-house, A Seminar and exhibition, The Supreme Council of Culture- Cairo
  • 2016 … Architecture through Geometry, A Seminar and exhibition, The Supreme Council of Culture, Cairo
  • 2013 … The Egyptian journey with architecture, A Seminar and exhibition, The Supreme Council of Culture, Cairo
  • 2011 … Ramses Wissa Wassef the human, the architect, and the artist,  A symposium and exhibition, The Supreme Council of Culture, Cairo

Academic Research

  • 2020 ... Adaptive reuse as an approach towards a sustainable conservation of architectural heritage
  • 2020 ... An overview for Interpretation and presentation of Heritage sites.
  • 2020 ... The conservation of Historic cities, Visions for Al Muharraq, Bahrain 
  • 2020 ... A vision for Heritage sites' interpretation & visitor management, The case of Ramses Wisa Wassef Art Center.
  • 2020 ... Al-Harawi house, History & development.
  • 2020 ... Risk Assessment of Architectural heritage in use, The case of Bab AL Louq Historical Market, Cairo
  • 2020 ... Helwan Cultural Heritage Mapping. , Research Associate 
  • 2020 ... Egypt's lost queens, A documentary review
  • 2020 ... Ancient Greece Theatre, A documentary review
  • 2020 ... When the Moors Ruled in Europe, A documentary review
  • 2021 ... Cordoba, an ensemble of cultural coexistence
  • 2021 ... Yemen, struggle towards unification, Research Associate
  • 2021 ... An approach towards Heritage museum Marketing, case study NMEC, Cairo, Research Associate
  • 2021 ... The new Middle East, development of concept and boundaries, Research Associate
  • 2021 ... Heritage education as a tool for conservation of Heritage sites, Research Associate
  • 2021 ... Conservation of urban Identity of the Arab city


  • 2021 ... The Journey of Cairo; from Statehood to National Independence, A book review
  • 2019 ... Ghassan Kanafani, What we still have.
  • 2018 ... In the centenary of the leader... A talk about the will to change
  • 2017 ... Statement of March 30, 1968
  • 2017 ... March 30 Manifesto Introduction to Revolutionary Transformations
  • 2016 ... Egypt in the sixties, when comprehensive planning was the solution
  • 2016 ... Heritage Issue Introductory
  • 2015 ... Pioneer of Egyptian enlightenment in the twentieth century... Salama Musa
  • 2014 ... Shubra El-Kheima, the castle of Egyptian industry 
  • 2014 ... Zaki Naguib Mahmoud, an intellectual journey towards reason and freedom
  • 2013 ... Migration in search of a home
  • 2013 ... Nasr City project, A middle-class city
  • 2013 ... In memory of Abdel Nasser's birthday
  • 2012 ... Malik Bennabi and the birth of a new Arab society
  • 2012 ... Al-Jabri and how we deal with heritage
  • 2012 ... Why? In the presence of Al-Kawakibi
  • 2012 ... In Quest of an approach for Existence in Desert Architecture, Book review
  • 2012 ... Reflections on the philosophy of the revolution
  • 2011 ... City and State, Book Review
  • 2011 ... Theory of Urbanism as Derived from the Khaldunian Paradigms, Book Review
  • 2011 ... Society, urbanization, and the question of identity