The Return of the Soul ...
New Melodies from Old Strings
A Seminar about the Rehabilitation of Stopplaere's Rest-house at the West Bank of Luxor from Hassan Fathy's legacy
06 June 2017

Organizers: Tarek Waly Center in cooperation with the Supreme Council of Culture, Committee of Architecture

The Supreme Council of Culture, Cairo


In cooperation with the Architecture Committee of the Supreme Council of Culture, Tarek Waly Center Architecture and Heritage organized a seminar under the title "The Return of the Soul - New Melodies on Old Strings", which included a presentation of the experience of the "Project Rehabilitation and Reuse of Stopplaere's Rest-house in Luxor from the Inheritance of Hassan Fathy" as a training center for 3D digital scanning techniques. The project represents the first of its kind in the field of rehabilitating the legacy of the architect Hassan Fathy and the first step in a bigger dream of restoring and reviving the rest of his heritage. It is also the first project of its kind in the Arab region to establish a training center on high-resolution digital documentation and 3D scanning techniques with the aim of localizing modern technologies to serve the preservation of tangible heritage in Egypt and making it a regional center for the production of high-resolution replicas as well as documentation.

The lecture's full script (in Arabic)