Ayoub EL Harania...Ramsis Wissa Wassef

An Egyptian tale

Author: Tarek Waly

              Shimaa Shaheen

Publishing date : May 2020

Language : Arabic

DOI : https://doi.org/10.47288/TWC.DB.003.2020


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Ramsis Wissa Wassef .. belongs to the second generation of the Egyptian pioneer architects among the Egyptian National Movement. He believed that architecture is the art that contains the whole life, and he believed also that the art, architecture and hand-crafts play great role in the development of community and humanity. That belief was the core of his creative experience and his philosophy that craft and creativity are two side of the same coin.

The book “Ayoub El Harrania .. Ramsis Wissa Wassef, an Egyptian Tale” is a trial for exploring the characteristics of Ramsis Wissa Wassef and the formation of his sentiment and mind as human, artist & architect. The idea that he brought to the public life in Egypt at one of the most important phases of the Egyptian National Movement, which within Ramsis began to form his vision based on the gains and losses of that phase; which had a great effect upon him after his return to Egypt from studying in France to start his career.

From that point, the life of Ramsis Wissa Wassef the human, the artist and the architect had begun

It is A Unique Egyptian Tale..

Ayoub El Harrania .. Ramsis Wissa Wassef

The scenario of that tale consists of three following scenes

The 1st scene        The rise phase .. the social, national and cultural environment

The 2nd scene       The cognitive formation phase

The 3rd scene       The experience & practice phase .. the quest & the continuity


Here the book paint and tell the tale of Ramsis Wissa Wassef; the human, the artist and the architect .. the patriotic Egyptian. He lived and left our world, but the idea he planted had grown to become a fruitful tree that fills with its branches the void of his absence and represents his tale for us and for the coming generations.