Images of Egypt, PriArc Workshop
A Seminar about Tarek Waly Center's Heritage Conservation Projects
30 - 31 January 2017

Organizers: Oslo School of Architecture

Oslo School of Architecture, Oslo - Norway

Seminar & Workshop

In the context of the interest expressed by the Oslo School of Architecture - Norway in the ancient and modern Egyptian architectural heritage, Dr. Tarek Waly was invited to participate in the workshop "Images of Egypt". Dr. Waly gave a seminar on the project "Rehabilitation and reuse of Stopplaer's Rest-house" as a training center for 3D scanning and high-resolution documentation techniques in the presence of experts and professors from Norway, France, Sweden, England, and Spain. In addition, Dr. Tarek Waly also presented the general vision of the center and its professional practice as well as the presentation of the Giza Pyramids Plateau Heritage Management Project as an example for the center’s projects of management, conservation, and development of the cultural heritage sites in Egypt.

The lecture's full script