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The city of Cairo already draws strongly on its existing cultural hubs for tourism and leisure, with the strong central zone that includes Down Town’s Egyptian Museum and the many art galleries, Zamalek’s Cairo Opera House, Mokhtar Museum and Museum of Ceramics, and Roda’s Nilometer. To the west on the desert’s edge is the site of the new Egyptian Museum and the Memphite Necropolis including the pyramid fields of Giza, Abusir, Sakkara and Dahshur.

By tapping into the latent energy of Historic Cairo, we introduce a third cultural zone that would hold its own in the east. This would be the home of appropriate cultural events such as music, theatre and crafts, injecting life into the restored monuments and bringing much needed public interest.

The project starts by restoring the original urban fabric of Historic Cairo, where the north-south flowing Muezz Street, which was literally the ‘spine’ of the historic city, was broken by the east-west flowing Azhar Street .

Al Azhar Mosque and the nearby Ghouri complex comprised the action zone along with the houses of Khatoun, Harrawi and Sitt Wasila to the immediate south and the Muez Street all the way down to the Fakahani mosque and Bab Zuweila to the south.

Great importance is given to the residential heart, as community development projects there would catalyse the development of the area at large.

The project comprises four main areas of action and two dynamic axes;

Axis A, culture and heritage: Mohamed Abdo St. and the houses of Khatoun and Ghouri

Axis B, social and residential: Dardeery St. and the houses of GamalElDin AlDahaby and Zeinab Khatoun

Urban complex A: Public Spaces of Al Azhar Mosque and its surroundings

Urban complex B: Al Ghouri Complex Cultural Center

Urban complex C: Al Khatoun, Al Harrawi and Sitt Wasila Creative Arts Center

Urban complex D: GamalAlDin AlDahaby Arabic Music Center

Historic Cairo Heritage Plan

Client: Ministry of Culture
Location: Cairo
Year: 1998
Team: Tarek Waly - Akram El-Magdoub - Lamis Gabr - Ebrahim Zakaria - Ashraf AbdElAzim - Emad Fikry - Mohamed Zeitoun - Amira Salah


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