Gourna ... A Lost Dream
Evaluation study for the New Gourna village in Luxor
28 October 2009

Organizers: Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Alexandria - Egypt


In cooperation with the Bibliotheca Alexandrina and in the context of the celebration of the launch of the Hassan Fathy Award for Architecture, Tarek Waly Center presented a seminar entitled “Gourna, a lost dream” about the situation of the New Gourna village in 2009 and the dangers threatening it as one of Hassan Fathy's heritage

Within a comprehensive study to assess the urban and architectural condition of the village of New Gourna, Dr. Tarek Waly, raised to save the village, which is a significant part the architect Hassan Fathy's legacy, as well as an important part of the Egyptian urban heritage because of its many cultural values. The village of New Gourna suffered from many factors that led to the deterioration of many of its public buildings, in addition to the loss of many of its residential houses.

The lecture's full script