The Shadow of Geometry,
Egypt Pavilion, 11th Venice Architecture Biennale


Comissioned by Tarek Waly and curated by Yahia Shawkat

As this year's theme is Architecture Beyond Building, we chose to distill the idea of architecture and show it as a story teller, and a messenger. This message is conveyed through geometry, a pattern created out of centers and lines inspired by space and context. This method has been used throughout history, and it is still used today by a small number of people to design their architecture. We decided to express these ideas through three different, inter-related zones within teh pavilion;
Zone One; Past Cycle


Directed by Yahia Shawkat, Edited by Karim Fanous, Music by Ramz Sabry


A short film condensing the life-time of a building in one day, the difference here is that it is design according to geometry that is laid out on the plot before it is built, then masons begin their work on mud-brick and you see it go up. It then is ready and starts being used and visited till it is melted by water, back to the ground. This experiment shows how the building, therefore the material, isn't necessarily the architecture, but the geometry it was built on and that it leaves behind is.
Zone Two; Everpresent


Yahya AlHosafy, Lara Iskander, Amany Kamel, Yahia Shawkat


This part is an abstract installation that introduces visitors to geometry first hand. The display is composed of lines of string interconnecting vertically, horizontally and diagonally in space according to the same geometry that the building in the film was designed to. Here visitors get to see the bones, or the frame work which the building was designed on in order to better understand it. The idea that it represents the everpresent is that the geometry always exists, regardless if the building does; it’s just a matter of reading it.
Zone Three; Future


Mazin AbdulKarim , Eman ElAdawy, Rania ElHelw, Moataz Farid, Kareem Hammouda, Amani Kamel, Doha Magdy , Nurin Mustapha, Heba Shoaib ,Shady Yousef
A collection of models by young architects, artists and students, shows how the original geometry could be reinterpreted and a new building be built according to it. The context of space and time left up to the individual since this experiment is meant to show the continuum geometry provides over an indefinite amount of time and, whatever choice of place.

The Shadow of Geometry

Client: Ministry of Culture
Location: Qutour, Al Gharbiyya
Year: 2008
Status: Conecpt
Team: Yahia Shawkat - Yahya Al Hosafy - Amani Kamel - Lara Iskander - Ramz Samy - Rania El Helw - Karim Fanous - Kareem Hamouda - Shady Youssef - Mazin Abdel Karim - Doha Magdy - Heba Shoaib - Moataz Farid - Eman El-Adawy - Mohamed Tawfik - Nuirin Mostapha

Commissioner: Tarek Waly

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