The cultural continuity is inevitable necessity for our existence and our urban & architectural practice, it is the responsibility that we inherited and will devise to the coming generations. This cultural conversation with the society makes our participation in different activities one of the most important mechanisms to keep this conversation ongoing. This will only happen through organizing & participating in different public or specialized events with their various forms whether they are scientific conferences, public seminars, exhibitions or any other events that lead to interaction & dialogue about the urban & architectural issues. In the following, a brief look into the feature activities that Tarek Waly Center participated in.


Professional dialogue with Riwaq center 

An arab arab dialogue between Riwaq center, Ramallah, palestine and Tarek waly center..Architecture and Heritage
19 - 20  FEB 2019
Cairo & Aswan, Egypt


Kerma Expo 2019

Symposium & Exhibition about Earth Architecture
28 JAN - 7 FEB 2019
Khartoum & Kerma, Sudan


Human, Identity & Architecture

A Lecture about the definition of Identity & its effect on Architecture
22 NOV 2018
MSA University, Cairo, Egypt


Identity & Culture, Scientific Students' Associations' Competition

A Lecture & National Competition for design an Elementary School in New Gourna Village
11-16 NOV 2018
Budapest, Hungary


Folk Features of the Egyptian Oases

A Workshop & Conference about the culture of the oasis in Egypt
23-24 APR 2018
Bawiti, Bahareya Oasis, Egypt


From the World of Shady Abdel Salam

A Seminar about the heritage of the Egyptian Architect & Director Shady Abdel Salam
18 APR 2018
Cairo, Egypt


Arab Cultural Heritage Forum

A Seminar & Regional Competition for Conservation Projects in Middle East
04-06 FEB 2018
Sharjah, UAE


Launching of New Gourna Village Rehabilitation Project

A Seminar & Celebration of Initiating the Rehabilitation Process of the New Gourna Village
13 NOV 2017

Cairo, Egypt



Workshop "Methodology for the Rehabilitation of Heritage Sites"

16 JUL - 10 AUG 2017 
Cairo, Egypt


Return of the Spirit .. New Melodies from Old Strings

A Seminar about the Rehabilitation of Stopplaere's Rest-house at Luxor
06 JUN 2017
Cairo, Egypt


The International Forum about the Architecture of the Desert Environment

Potentials of Desert Architecture .. An Approach towards Architectural Hymns
28 FEB - 06 MAR 2017
Djanet & Illizi, Algeria


Images of Egypt, PriArc Workshop

A Seminar about the Center's rehabilitation work
30-31 JAN 2017
Oslo, Norway

  Workshop "Cairo's forgotten neighborhoods"

31 JUL - 25 AUG 2016
Cairo, Egypt


Architectural Hymns through the Geometric Orders

A Seminar about the Geometric orders and their effect on Architecture
25 MAY 2016
Cairo, Egypt


Theban Necropolis .. The Eternity Gateway

A Seminar about the Issues of Heritage Preservation, the Cultural & Physical Continuity
21 FEB 2016
Cairo, Egypt


Workshop "Pioneer architects of the 20th century"

2 AUG - 2 SEP 2015
Cairo, Egypt


Egyptian Architects .. 100 Years of Architecture

A Seminar about the Pioneer Egyptian Architects of the 20th Century
22 APR 2015
Cairo, Egypt


Egyptian Architects .. 100 Years of Architecture

A Seminar about the Pioneer Egyptian Architects of the 20th Century
22 APR 2015
Cairo, Egypt


Who am I ? The Architect

A Seminar & talk with Tarek Waly Center Architecture & Heritage
25 FEB 2015
Cairo, Egypt


Workshop "Pioneer architects of the 20th century" 

3 AUG - 3 SEP 2014
Cairo, Egypt


Issue of Creations .. The Unity within Implication

26 MAR 2014
Cairo, Egypt


Workshop "Architecture through geometric orders"

18 AUG - 12 SEP 2013
Cairo, Egypt


The Egyptians Journey with Architecture, the Desert Architecture

A Seminar & Book Signing for the book "In Quest of an approach for Existence in Desert Architecture"
13 MAR 2013
Cairo, Egypt


The Common Ground for Architectural Culture, An Egyptian Experience

An Essay of Egypt's Participation to the Venice Biennale of Architecture 2012
29 AUG - 25 NOV 2012
Venice, Italy


Ramsis Wissa Wassef ... Architect, Artist & Humanist

An Exhibition to Celebrate the Centennial of the Late Egyptian Architect
01 - 11 NOV 2012
Cairo, Egypt


Workshop "Development of Kom Ghorab"

1 AUG - 1 NOV 2012
Cairo, Egypt


Cairo, A Successive Inherent

A Seminar about the evolution of the city of Cairo through different eras
December 2011
Cairo, Egypt

  Al Quds Architecture - where to ?

A Seminar about Al Quds city 
21 APR 2010
Alexandria, Egypt

Gourna, A Lost Dream

A Seminar about the status of the New Gourna Village
28 OCT 2009
Alexandria, Egypt


Tarek Waly Center Participation to the Egyptian General Exhibition

The 32nd Annual General Fine Arts Exhibition
10 JUN 2009
Cairo, Egypt


Cairo Strategic Plan, An Introduction to Study Cairo Heritage Plan

A Seminar about Tarek Waly Center's Heritage Plan of Cairo
20 OCT 2011
Cairo, Egypt


The Shadow of Geometry

Commissioning & Designing Egypt's Pavilion in the 11th Venice Biennale of Architecture
14 SEP - 23 NOV 2008
Venice, Italy


Giants' Quarry in Aswan

A Seminar about the Ancient Quarry of Obelisks in Aswan
02 APR 2005
Cairo, Egypt


Environmental Architecture & Vernacular Architects

A Seminar about the Egyptian Vernacular Architecture
26 MAY 2004
Cairo, Egypt


Egyptian Architects, 1920 - 1960

An Exhibition about the Egyptian Architects active from 1920 until 1960
07 APR 2004
Cairo, Egypt