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Egyptian Architects

With the turn of the 20th century a critical cultural debate had arisen, following what is inherited or the quest to the alternatives from abroad. In the midst of this debate a new generation of Egyptian architects came to the scene. Tarek Waly Center decided to document the work of key Egyptian Architects, following years of accumulated data in the overgrowing archives of the Center.

Mostafa Fahmy Hassan and Mostafa Shafie Mohamed Sherif Noaman  
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Mahmoud Riad Albert Zananiri  Ali Labib Gabr  
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Ramsis Wessa Wassef  Abu Bakr Khairat
Charles Ayrout  
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 Antoine Selim Nahas  Ahmed Charmi
Max Edrei  
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 Raymond Antonious
Hassan Fathy Naoum Shebib  
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 Sayed Karim Tawfik abdel gawad Farid Shafie  
Yehia El Zeiny