Cairo, A Successive Inherent
A Seminar about the evolution of the city of Cairo through different eras
01 December 2010

Organizers: Tarek Waly Center Architecture & Heritage



The culmination of what a person presents from himself is the formation of an environment of his creativity that interacts with nature, and the realization of the code of that environment is expressed in personality or identity.. It is greater than the mere mathematical sum of characteristics, variations and events, but goes beyond all this sum or its result to accommodate the accumulation of the creations of the human settler to a particular place in succession. or succession, continuity or intersection, connection or separation. Which we can identify with the successive inheritance of urbanization, and if we want to realize that identity, then we squeeze the spirit of geography and history together with all their diversities and ramifications until we distill them into the most accurate acceptable and reasonable saying to be transmitted and inherited

The lecture's full script