Between Age and Sentiment, Urban Debates
The launching of the book "Between Age & Sentiment" by the late architect Gamal Bakry

Organizers: Tarek Waly Center in cooperation with the Supreme Council of Culture, Committee of Architecture

The Supreme Council of Culture, Cairo


In cooperation with the Architecture Committee of the Supreme Council of Culture, Tarek Waly Center organized an evening to celebrate the late Egyptian architect Gamal Bakry, in celebration of the creative architect and the launch of his book “Between Age and Sentiment, Urban Debates” Dr. Sayed Al-Touny - Rapporteur of the Architecture Committee - who gave a speech entitled "Creative Intellectual, and Mentor Architect", and Dr. Dalila Al-Kerdani, who participated in: "A Necessary Prologue - Gamal Bakry", "Words from Gamal", and Engineer Akram Al-Magdoub, who gave a presentation entitled "Gamal Bakry, the Creative Collective", in addition to the speech of the representative of the Rare Books Library of the American University in Cairo, which participated in the event with an exhibition that included selections from the works by the architect Gamal Bakry. The evening was followed by an open discussion between presenters and audience.