From our belief at Tarek Waly Center Architecture & Heritage, in the necessity of reinitiating the active role of architect in restoring the Arabic architectural mind and holding the responsibility of channeling the cultural movement. Through the professional practice with hypothesis and application in research, writing and design.

Tarek Waly Center had established its library to become an informative database for the hypothetical activities of the center’s members and other researchers interested in evolving the Arabic mind. Tarek Waly Center Library includes diverse collection of references in different fields of knowledge. The library includes collections of around 5000 books in different fields, in addition to the collections of specialized magazines, scientific papers and academic researches. Additionally, it includes private collections of rare books, cartography, photography, photo-slides and commemorative postage stamps. The library also includes a digital archive contains more than 10,000 digital copies of books, photographs, maps and other materials.

Tarek Waly Center will respectively publish the indexes of its library collections. The center also welcomes the interested personals, students and researchers to contact the center via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for appointments of visitations and inspections.

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Postage Stamps
Digital Archive
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