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Egyptian Ambassador's Residence, Tunis

Being a fellow Arab and North African nation, the residence of the head of Egypt's mission to Tunis was more about conveying a message of unity rather than diversity.

References to historic Cairene houses were used, adopting local Tunisian materials, colours and patterns. Site, climate and the motion of the sun completed the transition to Tunis, while the site's geometry informed the volumes and layout, with a subtle hint to Egypt comprising of a Tunis – Cairo axis for the ambassador's study.

Behind a unified volume, lay a traditional three zoned layout of formal, intimate and service zones, albeit scaled up. A main entrance leads to the formal zone with study, reception hall and dining hall. A secondary entrance leads to the ambassador's quarters designed to cater as a separate house to a family of four plus guests. The services' zone comprises servants' quarters, amenities and garage, and links to the formal zone via the basement kitchen.

Egyptian Amb. Residence

Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Location: Tunis
Year: 2008
Status: Conecpt
Team: Tarek Waly - Yahia Shawkat