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A spiritual oasis in a desert of excess; that became the concept of the mosque proposed for the Dubai Marina, a man-made lagoon ringed with high-rise residential and business towers.

The design went back to the roots of what a mosque means in Muslim culture; a place to contemplate and communicate with God. Everything was pared back to highlight these values.

Light, the closest physical description of God in the Muslim religion, defines the Mihrab and prayer direction towards Mecca, the sun’s transition through the sky defining the five times of prayer throughout the day.

Proportions of the main prayer hall follow the geometry of the spiral, symbolising the human intention to ascend and aspire to perfection.

Material integrity is symbolised b y the use of fare faced concrete for the structure, with verses of the Quran written in sunken relief at the moment it was formed.

  Dubai Marina Mosque

Client: Emaar
Location: Dubai
Year: 2005
Status: Conecpt
Team: Tarek Waly - Yahia Shawkat