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Egyptian Embassy, Tunis

The brief for the Egyptian Embassy in Tunis, which is to be built in a new financial and commercial district in that city, centered on security and segregation of activities. And so the embassy’s volumes reflect that with a predominantly solid mass, perforated according to need.

One volume holds the chancery and all its assorted offices above formal meeting halls and a main entrance with an atrium. The southern volume holds the consul and the embassy’s public services, with direct access off the street, while the above two floors house the four attache departments. A shared meeting hall is on the third floor.

Site geometry was used to layout the building along with access and proportion considerations. The main, higher volume, is set back from the street creating a formal approach plaza centered on an axis pointing to Cairo, so as visitors enter the main portal or the atrium, they are facing Cairo, while upon leaving the embassy, they face Tunis.

Local motifs and materials, such as blue coloured masharabiyyas, complete the integration of the embassy.

Egyptian Embassy - Tunis

Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Location: Tunis, Tunisia
Year: 2008
Status: Competition Entry
Team:Tarek Waly - Yahia Shawkat