Architectural Hymns through the Geometric Orders
A Seminar & exhibition about the Geometric orders and their effect on Architecture forms
25 May 2016

Organizers: Tarek Waly Center in cooperation with the Supreme Council of Culture, Committee of Architecture

The Supreme Council of Culture, Cairo

Seminar & Exhibition

In cooperation with the Architecture Committee of the Supreme Council of Culture, Tarek Waly Center Architecture and Heritage in partnership with Dr. Ashraf Boutros organized a seminar under the title "Architectural Hymns through Geometric Orders", which included a presentation on geometric orders and their various effects, with a special presentation on the Center's vision of architecture through systems, through extrapolation of geometric orders for the architecture of historical buildings or through dialogue with a geometric order of a site to create a new architecture in harmony with its surroundings. The seminar was followed by an open discussion with the audience at the end of that evening.

The lecture's full script (in Arabic)