The 2nd Arab Architecture Week
" Challenges of Conservation, Management & Development of Heritage Sites in Egypt, from the experience of Tarek Waly Center "
under the title
10 October 2021

Organizers: ArchiNet Platform

Online Webinar

A Seminar during

At the invitation by ArchiNet platform, Engineer Shimaa Shaheen participated in the activities of the Second Arab Architecture Week, where she gave a lecture entitled "Challenges of conservation, management and development of heritage sites in Egypt... Features from the experience of Tarek Waly Center Architecture and Heritage", during this lecture, Shimaa addressed the center's vision towards cultural heritage conservation. In addition, she presented the projects implemented by the center to manage and rehabilitate heritage sites. Shaheen also reviewed the project of management and development of the Giza Pyramids Plateau Cultural Heritage Site, as an example of an integrated multi-dimensional project that faced many challenges during its implementation.

The week’s activities lasted from 10 - 16 October 2021, and the center’s participation came on the first day of the activities within the participation of the active institutions in the field of heritage and preservation in the Arab region.

The lecture's full script (in Arabic)